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It has been forever since we last blogged- First we started our own "podcast" for CSA members and anyone else who wants to hear our voices. We call it Farmcast. The link is on the left of our website here. We decided instead of writing newsletters late at night and moan over editting why not just talk about the CSA share. Audible stuff is great cause you could still be doing stuff while you are listening instead of staring at a computer screen or printing on paper.

I , Jacqui have been posting lots of photos on facebook as of late and need to update our website photos -so I will-after this blog. 

Next news is we will be hosting dinners on the farm. Where all the produce is grown by us. We will give you a tour of hte farm, chat with you, answer questions and you get to meet our little ones Sam and Summer and 3 other members of our family who help a great deal on our farm. We have a hill top with a 360 degree view and young orchard, animals and a garden of mixed vegetables , flowers and other edibles. Below is a link to the first event on July 26th with Braise cooking it. One person who attended last year said, "Best night out I went to in 2013!". So we hope to see and meet you there.


Other events are in the works- more dinners on the farm and an open house artist day.

The rain was good for us overall helping things grow...but it did slow down on successions of crops getting planted in the ground. But now things are coming around.

If ya wanna get you hands dirty on July 12th and 13th around 2 pm we are inviting anyone to help hand weed in trade for produce and flowers..we like to barter.

And sooo excited for Dan to pull away from garden work and pour the remainder cement in his workshop-it is gonna be snazzy with a free standing patio...happening this Saturday morning. So if anyone comes and pull weeds this weekend they will be the first to see the results.

peas sun tar X2 714Sam is a flower too

Above- Sunflower, Sugar snap pea trellis and our Sammy's Rose Flower Pose

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CSA news-new pick up and home delivery via bike

shop 22014 deckshop 22014 prep deckHello all- onion and flower seedling are appearing in our lil germination room. That always brings a smile to my face reminding me the warmer sunnier days. But the real news is both a new pick up location for our CSA and a bike deliver option for our Riverwest neighborhood pick up at People Books Coop. Some CSA nowadays are offering home delivery and Dan and I could not offer this-it did not seem sustainable for us to do home deliveries because of the additional time away from farm, additional gas cost and makes a bigger carbon print on our end. So Dan and I thought how cool would it be for a basket to be delivered by bike to your doorstep. The nice thing about this is People Book Coop on some weeks closes at 6 pm so for those feeling crunched for time on Wednesday afternoons they could have their basket delivered. This is an additional cost and may be able to be done on select days with enough notice.

Our new pick up location is for a Saturday Pick up at Bavette Le Boucherie a neighborhood butcher shop utilizing local meats and whole carcasses. "Bavette has a selection of local artisan products to stock your pantry or accompany your meat ranging from sauces, relishes, pickles, jams, and mustards. Bavette also carries a selection of artisan Wisconsin cheeses and locally sourced charcuterie. In addition, Bavette sells a small selection of professionally curated wines handpicked by My Wine School proprietor Jessica Bell. There are also craft beers from the Midwest. Both the wine and beer can be bought and taken home or enjoyed at Bavette for a corkage fee."

One stop shop with that Bavette Le Boucherie and our CSA produce share andFlower share for your summer evening and grilling delights!

And those pics-Dan's deck to be on the second floor of his shop---and you bet it gets warm in there on a sunny day!

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Farmer Dan offers Consultation Services for Garden Planning

garden 2012 exampleawesome garden bedcukes onions nasturtiun planting 2013

Have you ever wanted to have a vegetable garden of your own but were unsure of where to begin? What crops to grow and where to plant them? How to grow successions of crops and enough for your winter storage and canning goods? Have you wondered what can grow best in your garden's soil fertility how to enhance it and what type of soil you are growing your crops in. Unsure where the site of the garden should be? How much time will it take and how can you fit in time with your   life style? Veggies, herbs, fruit ,permaculture strategies and flowers with companion planting are all within Dan's experience and practices. 

Farmer Dan of Willoway Farm would like to offer his knowledge to the aspiring back yard gardener. Contact Willoway Farm now through the end of February for consultation services for the 2014 crop season. 

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Revamping Grainery for Workshop

mo plast granjust about wrapped granarySS poses 2013winter logosunrise dec 16th 2013

Last night Dan was animated and frequent in his excitement to put the plastic on the ol' Grainery. Dan with his dad's help is putting on the plastic on the grainery which is next up for a revamp and inevitably becomes Dan's own workshop. Dan has removed the southside wood panels thus far and will remove all sides to make room for doubling wood paneled walls. This will help lesson the normal drafts of an old outbuilding. Having that plastic up will make for warmth to work in and oh the Vitamin "D" kinda like a greenhouse. Having his own greenhouse will be key for his own side work and projects for the house and property. 

Besides promoting flower bouquet CSA shares, vegetable CSA shares and weddings-I, Jacqui am working on the farm plan and honing in crop rotations. I also am pulling together resources for recipes and how to store etc the crops we grow. I am also discovering and getting recipes together for less traditional CSA basket contents -like lavender -often used in baked goods mmm yum yum.

The bottom photo is yesterdays sunrise 12-16-13.  And of course the two munchkins above are our sweeties-Sammy and Summer.

We all enjoy our time in the winter: sledding on the hill-have yet to ice skate on the corner, feeling the sun on our face directly after a coldy snowy day, cozying to bed early. And oh the full moons on a snowy night we will have to grab a pic on that next month!Enjoy folks!


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Give the gift of Nutritional Food

1st straw harvest 2013heirloom 2013ten hd 2013market sept 2013

Season Greetings! (pics clockwise-1st straw picks,heirlooms we grow, butterhead, spread at Market)

Willoway Farm is accepting CSA 2014 share members. There is limited shares so please consider signing up this winter. Take advantage of the Early Bird discount -ENDS JANUARY 28TH 2013 for our CSA shares- IE- Vegetable Full Share (20 weeks),Half Vegetable Share (10 weeks), Egg Share (11 weeks and must be a veggie share member sells out early), Flower share -hand tied bouquet and Table Top Arrangement (17 weeks-don't have to be a veggie share member). All harvested day of delivery, no pesticides or herbicides, lots of companion planting and minimal compaction/treat on the land, local, and tasty heirlooms! Samples below (less items 11-12 in early spring-but bounty as summer progresses)

Pick Up locations-On Farm ($10 off veggie full share if you pick up on farm), Fredonia, Cedarburg, Grafton, Mequon, Shorewood, Milwaukee on East Center, and South Shore Farmer's Market.

Week 3 -Asparagus or Rhubarb, some of the first strawberries harvested, Heirloom Lettuce mix, lettuce head or two, Red Russian Kale, Swiss Chard, Green Onions, Spinach, French Breakfast Radishes, early jersey wakefield cabage

CSA Week 6 : Included -Kale, Chard, lettuce mix, sugar snap peas, snow peas, big bodacious broccoli heads, parsley, and lettuce heads..and more

CSA Week 8:BRoccoli, Early Jersey Heirloom Henderson Cabbage, Summer Squash, Heirloom cucumbers, basil, kale, chard, dragon tongue beans, our first fresh onion (yum), basil, parsley, lettuce mix, beets.

Week 12 baskets included- organic and non-gmo sweet corn bicolor, heirloom tomatoes, heirloom cucumbers, leek, celery, kale, chard, basil , parsley, purple carrots, summer squash mix, onions, garlic..

Week 14 (Sept 2-8th) CSA contents-
2 pounds or more of burpless cucumbers,regular and heirloom cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes about 2 pounds
kale, chard, purple or orange carrots, edename beans, parsley, basil, heirloom lettuce mix triple washed ready to eat, summer squash, onions, garlic

Week 18: Heirloom tomato, kale, chard, arugula/mizuna or green mustard, beets, shallots or onions
parsley, lettuce mix, Black Round Spanish Radish, Green Beans, Broccoli, and more

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